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El Americano

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El Americano is a quartet from Union, New Jersey that draws from the close musical chemistry and vast ranges of styles that blend together to create a synthesis of sound from math rock to jazz. El Americano consists of Salvador Montalvo (lead vocals, keyboards, guitar), Richard Nobrega Jr. (guitar, vocals), Joseph Giambusso (bass, vocals), and Michael Winnicki (drums, percussion), all of whom have had close ties since high school. The band was officially formed during the fall of 2014. El Americano synthesizes odd-metered time signatures, melodic guitar riffs and vocal lines, and introspective lyrics into one cohesive sound. 


"El Americano is a technically adept group of musicians that mix math-rock, ambient post-punk, and experimental jazz grooves into a highly accessible formula."

- Shannon Moore, 90.3 FM The Core



El Americano is:

Sal: Vocals/Keyboard/Guitar
Richie: Guitar/Vocals
Joey G: Bass/Vocals
Mike: Drums/Percussion


upcoming shows

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